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Knitting Needle Gauge and Ruler


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Product Description

Clear acrylic 3 x 6 inch knitting needle sizer and ruler.

Knitters are always searching for the perfect tools; and a needle gauge (or needle sizer) is one of those essential tools. So Tricksy Knitter teamed up with a specialty ruler company in Washington to make a lovely little needle gauge.

The Tricksy Knitter needle gauge is laser cut for precise, smooth edges; silk-screened for legible, opaque numbers and marks; clear acrylic so you can see your knitting through the ruler.

Measure needles size from 2 to 10 mm (US 0 – US 15).

Count your gauge easily with the 1 x 4 inch window.

Use it as a handy straight edge for drawing schematics. The 3 inch width means this little ruler doubles as a square; this makes it great for measuring the height and width of curves like necklines, armholes and side shaping.

Each gauge is individually wrapped; these make a perfect gift.

Shipping: $1 (US addresses) or 50¢ (Canadian addresses). Needle gauge ships free when you order a notebook.

Additional Information

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