Although I dislike the expression “kicking ass and taking names” I believe that is what I’m doing this week.

My Hollywell cardigan is almost done. Just needs buttons. Although I have One Thousand Buttons, I actually had to go buy 7 buttons for the cardigan. Crazy, no?

When I sewed the pocket linings (there’s a little tutorial on sewing pocket linings over here), I added a step to the preparation. You can see how I’ve got spare needles marking the outline of where the sides and bottoms of the pocket linings are going to be joined, in the picture at the top. But the front edges of the pocket linings are actually going to get joined later when I pick up the front bands.

But I don’t want to fuss with 2 layers of knitting when I’m picking up the bands, so I basted them together. If you sew, you’ll know that a lot of patterns tell you to hand baste everything. So boring, does anyone follow this instruction? Of course, sometimes, it is very useful.

Cardigan Pockets

To baste your Hollywell pocket linings, thread a blunt yarn needle with matching yarn (we’ll leave the basting yarn in, it won’t be visible) and use a simple in and out stitch

Cardigan Pockets

going through both layers each time. The garter stitch selvedge in Hollywell is handy for lining up the two layers, row to row.

Cardigan Pockets

Ta da, a neatly basted edge, ready for button bands.