Here are some handy free printable knitting tools. (You’ll need Acrobat Reader or Mac Preview to open and print).

These are good for a few sheets but any more than that and it gets expensive in printer ink and paper. That’s why I made the Tricksy notebooks full of knitting graph paper (also available in lined).

Knitting Graph PaperKnitting Graph Paper

I designed this for myself and use it frequently. Normal graph paper is square, which can be misleading when you are planning a colour chart or stitch pattern, because knitting stitches are usually wider than they are tall. This also has heaver lines every 5 sts/5 rows for easy counting.

Download Letter Size Knitting Graph Paper


knitting-graph-tagsKnitted Swatch Tags

If you knit a lot of swatches, it’s easy to forget what size needles you used for the swatch, or sometimes, which yarn you used in the swatch. I also like to know if I’ve blocked the swatch, because blocking can change the tension significantly for some yarns.


Download Letter Size Swatch Tag Template